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InkTober 2016

Added on by Heidi Leitzke.

Last month I joined my brother, Drew, in committing to making lots of drawings with ink. InkTober is a challenge to make one drawing per day, for the entire month of October, based on a set of prompts. Artists across the world participate. The process was a reminder of how creative freedom exists within limitations. For each drawing I used white 10" x 10" paper, black and white ink. Using these simple materials was a relief. When I sat down to draw, I could build on the mark-making vocabulary from the previous day. I found a repetition in theme, here is a list I wrote about half way through the month; ink-wash blobs, water, moon, seashells, waves, rocks, mountains, faces, leaves, repetition, pattern, sleep, eyes. I shared my drawings on Instagram as I completed each one, and it was fun to see people's reactions. Here are a few of my favorites and the word that prompted each image. 

The original goal of InkTober was to make lots of drawings and have fun, however, due to several requests, I have fine art quality prints available of each of the above 5 images. The prints are 10 x 10 inches on archival paper. Prints are $45 each. If you order two or more, they are $35 each. To order, email with title of the print you would like. Payment by check or PayPal.

If there is a different image you are interested in purchasing, the original may still be available!