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A Starling in Shadow

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Curated by Bill Scott, A Starling in Shadow, is on exhibit now at Cerulean Gallery in Philadelphia. The show is a thoughtful selection of small works and I am happy that Bill chose to include one of my recent works, Looking Up. About the title and selection of work, Bill wrote "I've titled the exhibition after Julie Zahn's, A Starling In Shadow, because it is the most poetic way to state -- whether known nationally or recognized primarily within their own communities -- that all these artists deserve to have a brighter light shining on their work."

Bill Scott will be giving a Gallery Talk on Saturday, December 9th at 1 p.m., free and open to the public. 1355 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19123. For more details visit 

  Looking Up , 2017, embroidery and acrylic on linen, 10 x 10 inches

Looking Up, 2017, embroidery and acrylic on linen, 10 x 10 inches

Exhibition - University City Arts League

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Several of my thread paintings were included in a recent exhibition at University City Arts League in Philadelphia. High in Fiber, co-curated by Zoe Cohen and Yvonne Lung, featured several artists whose work explores the intersection of painting and textile. My work was hung next to an ethereal and intriguing dyed-silk wall installation by Matt Jacobs

 Thread Paintings next to installation by Matt Jacobs at UCAL

Thread Paintings next to installation by Matt Jacobs at UCAL

InkTober 2016

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Last month I joined my brother, Drew, in committing to making lots of drawings with ink. InkTober is a challenge to make one drawing per day, for the entire month of October, based on a set of prompts. Artists across the world participate. The process was a reminder of how creative freedom exists within limitations. For each drawing I used white 10" x 10" paper, black and white ink. Using these simple materials was a relief. When I sat down to draw, I could build on the mark-making vocabulary from the previous day. I found a repetition in theme, here is a list I wrote about half way through the month; ink-wash blobs, water, moon, seashells, waves, rocks, mountains, faces, leaves, repetition, pattern, sleep, eyes. I shared my drawings on Instagram as I completed each one, and it was fun to see people's reactions. Here are a few of my favorites and the word that prompted each image. 

The original goal of InkTober was to make lots of drawings and have fun, however, due to several requests, I have fine art quality prints available of each of the above 5 images. The prints are 10 x 10 inches on archival paper. Prints are $45 each. If you order two or more, they are $35 each. To order, email with title of the print you would like. Payment by check or PayPal.

If there is a different image you are interested in purchasing, the original may still be available!

Review: A national aesthetic

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Three of my thread paintings were selected by Hrag Vartanian, cofounder and editor-in-chief of Hyperallergic for inclusion in the 58th Chautauqua Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art, June 28 - July 20, 2015.

  Susquehanna Isle,  2015, embroidery and acrylic on linen, 10 x 15 inches

Susquehanna Isle, 2015, embroidery and acrylic on linen, 10 x 15 inches

The show was reviewed by Anthony Bannon, executive director of the Burchfield Penney Art Center at SUNY Buffalo State.

"Heidi Leitzke, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, makes islands of fabric, stitchery of many colors, threads that become trees, and bushes upon dyed linen, with applied paint, tiny things, jewel ideas, self-contained, that favorite island of the mind. She received the Harold Anderson Award for “Susquehanna Isle.”

To read the entire article visit The Chautauquan Daily.