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Drawing with the Sun - Exploring Cyanotypes

Added on by Heidi Leitzke.

I am teaching a workshop this summer at Mount Gretna School of Art!

Often called sun-prints or blue-prints, cyanotype is a fun and vibrant alternate photographic process in which treated paper is exposed to the ultraviolet light from the sun. Objects are laid on the treated paper and as the sun activates the chemicals the exposed areas of the paper becomes a rich cyan-blue creating, almost by magic, a silhouette image. 

This workshop will focus on all aspects of how to make a cyanotype print; including the curious history of the process, how to correctly mix the chemicals, the use of cyanotype in contemporary art and creating your own prints. You will leave with one (or more high-quality) work of art that you could hang in your own home!

cyanotype and gouache on paper, 10 x 10 inches

cyanotype and gouache on paper, 10 x 10 inches

Who: open to the public
What: Drawing with the Sun, Cyanotype Workshop
Where: Heights Community Center. 62 Pine Ave., Mount Gretna, PA  17064
When: Saturday July 7, 2018
How to Register: