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Second Nature - Closing Reception

Added on by Heidi Leitzke.

Second Nature is an exhibition of paintings, drawings, embroidery paintings, prints, mini sculptures are more, over 70 pieces in total, featuring the work of Dorothy Frey and Heidi Leitzke. On display at Wilson Galleries at Anderson University, this show exemplifies the full range of experiments and ideas these artists have explored over the past several years.

Frey and Leitzke both approach their work with an inventive spirit, while remaining rooted in observation of nature. Frey has dedicated much of her creative energy to discovering the history hidden in the landscape of her family farm, located in Willow Street, PA. She has a particular affinity for trees, and the energy they extend into the surrounding space. Leitzke has spent the last several years creating intricate embroideries based on her paintings, often working within the structural format of a vignette. Color and line as mark-making are important  components of her work, as she explores real and invented places composed of near and deep spaces.

Both artists will be present for the closing reception and artist talk, Monday October 13, 2014 from 6 - 8 p.m., Wilson Galleries at Anderson University, 1100 East 5th Street, Anderson, IN, 46012.