When my son was born I found that I could no longer spend long hours in my studio painting large canvases. The set-up, process and mess of oil painting was just too much. I turned back to the cherished format of hand-held embroidery, the basics of which I learned as a child, and found a process, which is perfect for this point in my life.

Painting with thread is clean, portable, intimate, and malleable. When I set my work down the needle stays where I leave it, a physical and mental cue, reminding me where to start next. Unlike paint, the thread does not dry too quickly, it is not toxic and the remarkable range of thread colors may be used in a sophisticated and painterly manner. The mark- making vocabulary I am building seems to have limitless potential. The complicated surface texture created by thread woven into linen has a seductive quality, which appeals to a human’s desire to touch. The relationship between the diminutive size of the linen rectangle is in contrast to the landscape imagery creating a subtle but compelling contradiction in these embroidered vignettes.